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Client: Juul

Project: Juul Influencer Seeding

Juul's approach to marketing is minimal, due to strict advertising regulations for nicotine products. To address this challenge, we created an influencer seeding program, in which influential NY and LA-based creatives shared product codes to increase usage and web sign-ups. The program thrived entirely via word of mouth and on-the-ground seeding. *The nature of this project prohibited any content generation. Sorry, no photos!

- Influencer Seeding

- Event Production

- Strategic Partnerships

Prior to this (2016), we facilitated a partnership between Juul and Opening Ceremony, seeding product backstage during their New York Fashion Week show on Wall Street to models, designers, hair & make-up artists and other high fashion industry figures. Juul was also activated post-show at the show's official after-party.

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